The filmmaker Jazz Lohaka Mbiya is making a documentary film on the realities of refugees in South Africa and he decided to film part of his documentary at The Scalabrini Centre, as he feels the centre aided him in creating a successful life for himself here in South Africa. Coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo, he has been living in Cape Town since 2013.

Jazz, as well as his fellow classmates, on 9 March 2017 debuted their pilots at the American Corner in the Central Library of Cape Town. The film will be released in April 2017.

What is the topic of your documentary?

My documentary focuses on the situation of migrants in South Africa and on the xenophobic attacks they have recently faced. The original title is in French “Rues de memoire perdue”, in English “Streets of lost memory”. I chose this title because it is strictly related to my experience as a migrant  who left his country.

Why did you chose this topic?

Firstly because of my own experience, secondly because – telling about me and about friends from Congo and Angola I have interviewed – I can explain to my audience how the lives of immigrants are in South Africa and what they have to face day-by-day. I hope to motivate my audience through my film and my story.

What is the role that Scalabrini Centre has in your life?

When I arrived at the Scalabrini Centre four years ago, I started from zero. Scalabrini Centre offered me the opportunity to learn English, as well as attend different job readiness workshops and computer training. Some months later, I was proud of myself and the knowledge I had gained while at Scalabrini. That’s why I decided to feature the Scalabrini Centre in my film. I not only filmed the location, but I also interviewed Assistant Employment Access Programme Manager Lylah Monroe, in order to better highlight the support the Scalabrini Centre gave to me as well to inform other migrants who need support where to go and how to better integrate in Cape Town.

Click here to watch the pilot of Jazz Lohaka Mbiya  https://youtu.be/MkW3_wqfjIo


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