New Intern Profile – Natali Kurmaz

natali-kurmaz-profileBorn and raised in Russia until I was 9, my mother decided to take me and my two brothers to Germany in order to pursue a better educational career than it was possible for us in Russia. ’My kids are too clever for this!’ she said. Her plan worked out. I completed my metric and nearly my Bachelor’s degree in ‘Intercultural Communications’ in “good old Germany” as German citizens like to call it. My veins, on the contrary are still filled with pure Russian blood!

Before heading off to varsity, I wanted to see something of the great wide world. I wanted to work with children, live under the sun and be far away from Germany. In 2013, God sent me to South Africa, to work in a children’s home in jazzy Johannesburg. And this for a whole year! I found a new home in SA and knew I’d always come back which I did only 2 years later.  But this wasn’t enough. In 2016 I decided to spend my obligatory semester abroad in SA again and so I moved to Stellenbosch. To bridge the time after completing the semester I thought I’d gain some work experience in the field I see myself working in after I complete my studies. Luckily Scalabrini exists and luckily they liked me! After this internship I need to finish my studies in Germany and start looking for a job. I don’t know where I’m going to be in a year or what I am going to be doing. But I like that idea. All I know is: SA, you will have me back soon!


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