New Intern Profile – Julie Nordahl Lillejord


I´m Julie and I´ll be working with the Women´s Platform for the next three months, which I´m super excited about! I´m originally from a small city in the south of Norway. This is my first time here in Cape Town, but I´m already certain that it won´t be my last! What an amazing city! I studied in Oslo and finished my bachelor in social work in 2014. During my bachelors I lived 7 months in Kenya interning as a social worker at a home for children with HIV, where my job was to help out with the adoptions. An experience I´ll carry with me forever. I´ve also done a small research project with microfinance groups in rural areas around Kisumu, Kenya. After graduating I´ve been working with COD (co-occurring disorders) patients which is the condition of suffering from both mental illness and substance abuse problems. One of the pros of being a social worker is definitely the opportunity to work in so many different fields. I´m applying for my Masters in Public Health in Washington, D.C. next fall, so fingers crossed! When I´m not at work or studying I use my time playing handball (not a big deal here in South- Africa obviously), cooking, watch chick- flick movies on Netflix or hang out with friends. 


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