New Intern Profile – Anna Lena Goll

IMG_5337Anna will be interning with the Advocacy Team at Scalabrini for the next 6 months. She is conducting the internship as part of her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Communication Science in Germany. Since graduating from High School, Anna has been involved in international Human Rights advocacy, attending several conferences of Human Rights institutes and gaining work experience in the field of Human Rights. She has been volunteering for two different Human Rights Organizations for 6 months in Cape Town with focus on refugee rights and social justice prior to her internship at Scalabrini. She has also been volunteering for an NGO in Accra, Ghana with a strong focus on youth empowerment through education on human rights issues such as human trafficking, child marriage, domestic violence and the rights of people with disabilities. Since 2013 she is an active member of Amnesty International. Anna has returned to South Africa to deepen her knowledge of South African refugee policy and human rights issues. After travelling and volunteering in Western and Southern Africa, Anna has developed a specific interest in migration flows, conflict mitigation and the impact of conflicts on human rights in Africa, with a focus on sexual violence as a weapon of war.  Anna is impressed by the diversity of African cultures and eager to work with people from diverse national, cultural and ethnic backgrounds


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