New Intern Profile – Clara Dybbroe Viltoft


Holla! My name is Clara and I am happy one of the new faces in the Scalabrini house. I am working as an EAP intern. I am from Denmark but I am currently pursuing my bachelor degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at Malmo University in Sweden. My stay here at Scalabrini is part of my degree. My education is multidisciplinary and includes many different fields.

I am especially interested in issues of discrimination, society structures, and issues of health (which I believe include mental health and happiness as well). I am excited to work with integration first-hand. I really feel that my education is embodied here at Scalabrini, which is absolutely delightful to experience!

Previously, I have mainly worked and volunteered with human and political rights. The previous semester, I studied International Law besides my major and as a result, I am super interested in befriending Lotte and the Advocacy department as well.

Experience tell me that I have a tendency to
/ sing a lot at random times. Please tell me to be quite, should you find yourself working to the same 3 lines of ‘Warwick Avenue’.
/ eat a lot of hummus, cheese, and mustard. These also go well together, I’d argue. Tell me to swallow a mint if I start sweating garlic and it bothers you.
/ drink too much coffee and too little water but I hope this will not affect you. Should my liquid habits affect you, please let us talk about over an iced coffee.
/ LAUGH. Loudly. And. A. Lot! This will be difficult to change. Although I prefer that you don’t, you could try and be super boring.

I look forward to becoming familiar with Cape Town, South Africa and its culture, nature, and people, as well as getting to know my co-workers!



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