New Intern Profile – Inke Schwarzer


Hey, my name is Inke and I’m a new All-rounder for the next 5 months at Scalabrini.  I’m from Germany, 27 years old and I’m currently doing my Masters in Frankfurt. I’m studying an interdisciplinary course called Moving Cultures – Transcultural encounters. The experience at Scalabrini will give me the opportunity to look behind the theoretical construct of migration. I’m really excited to get involved into all the different projects the Scalabrini runs.

Working with refugees means to understand the different challenges and problems every individual has to deal with in a new environment such as lacking integration, xenophobia, poverty, communication problems and above all to deal with the traumatic experience having been forced to leave the own home country, family and familiar surroundings. Helping refugees to start a new life in South Africa will be an important experience for me.

It is my second time in South Africa but my first time in Cape Town and I really have difficulties to find the right words for this wonderful city with all its beauty and lovely people. It makes me really feel at home. I’m really looking forward to learn more about South African culture, lifestyle and history and one of my personal goals is to catch up a little of the many different spoken languages in South Africa.

I’m ready: Yayiva ndizimisele!


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