Humans of Scalabrini

Damas 2

Part 2

I also want to share what I have learned from the Scalabrini Centre. I remember in April, it was the first graduation. I took a picture and shared it on my Facebook. The first person to comment on it was a Scalabrini Father because he knows me and when he first met me he could not understand me. He commented and called me and said: “I am so happy that I can talk to you today because when we met we could not talk.” I am so happy to say how Scalabrini has changed me and got me to where I am today. I had never joined a centre before, even in my country. Scalabrini was the first centre I joined. My friends keep on asking me: “what will you do at Scalabrini?” I keep answering: “I know what I am doing here and Scalabrini has changed me.” I can now say: “I am beside but not far from an English speaker even if I am not a native English speaker.”


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