Humans of Scalabrini


Part 1

What I want to share is: first why I come here to the Scalabrini Centre: especially to learn English. I was sent here by the Scalabrini Fathers. The main reason I was sent here is because I want to become a Catholic Priest. I met them one week after I came to South Africa. I started at Scalabrini one year ago. They said that my English is weak and I need to improve my English so they sent me here to Scalabrini. For now the only thing I have to do is to learn to write and speak in English because the people I work with may not know French.

Will you preach in Cape Town?

According to what is said in the Bible I can preach anywhere in the world. I will teach wherever there is my mission. I cannot choose where I go but I go where they need me. I would preach in South Africa if I could choose. Out of Africa I would choose to go to Haiti.

How long does it take to become a priest?

It depends. It can take 10 years or more than that. It is a commitment, you cannot wake up and say I will become a priest. You have to be prepared.

Have you always known you wanted to be a priest?

I started to consider being a priest when I was in grade 7 back in Congo DRC. I participated in a group with all young people put together who want to become a priest one day. We had meetings where we were taught how to behave like a priest.



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