Humans of Scalabrini


I came here because I want to study to be a doctor. They told me I have to learn English first and how to write it. That is why I am here at Scalabrini. After two years of learning English I will try to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor for women, if women have a problem. I could help them with their stomachs and if they have to give birth.

Is this traditional clothing from Mali?


Do you always wear clothes from Mali?

Yes, I always wear dresses. We have to wear something on our head for religious reasons, you need to keep something on your head when you are out, but not when you are home. When you are with your husband you can take it off.

It is different from Somalia. In Mali you can wear your dress and headscarf but in Somalia you must cover your face. In Mali you don’t have to do that. It is a different culture.

Do you feel it is okay to be Muslim here in South Africa?

Yes it feels okay because I live with my sister. She is my husband’s friends’ wife but I take her like my own sister because we are from the same country, speak the same language, prepare food together, we do everything the same. We are five in the house, she has a child.

During Ramadan you cannot eat during the day but when it is dark at 8 o’clock you can eat. Then at 6 am you must stop eating. It is for 30 days. During Ramadan people want to marry because it is a nice month. It changes every year with the moon.


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