Humans of Scalabrini


When I went to high school I went to a competition of the whole country Malawi. All the schools of the countries came together. I was doing RnB and hip-hop, I was singing.

When they called me I didn’t go, I was shaking and tried to hide. A friend of mine saw me and said, “you always tell me I have to go fighting, now it’s your turn.”

He said “he’s here” and everyone was looking at me and pushed me towards the stage. When I got there I tried my best. I grabbed the microphone, everybody went quiet. Everybody got excited, they called me 2pak. People call me 2pak and I can’t stop them, because the voice is there. Then I grabbed the mic and I sang, first I didn’t feel comfortable, but when people started to make some noise I started to feel comfortable.

Before they announced the names of the winners a girl came to shake our hands, when she came to me she was just standing there and said “you must come again, so that we can get your details, because we will pay your school fees.” I asked her why and she answered “the way you sing, we are very happy with you.”

My father is a sheik, a Muslim. When I got home my nephew told my family already. My father didn’t like it, he was afraid I would start drinking or taking drugs. He had this picture. I said “I would just go out there and sing.”


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