Humans of Scalabrini


“I live in Bellville, but people there call me ‘kwerekwere.’ They call anyone that who does not speak the same language as them. If I speak Xhosa and you don’t I call you Kwerekwere. They don’t understand that I am a foreigner. But that is why I live in Bellville because I am safe there. I live somewhere else, as a foreigner I might get killed or robbed.”

“What is your hope? What is your dream job?”

“In French we say, ‘Any job is a job’ because money does not have a color, it does not have a value. In my country I was a teacher, teaching French. I was also doing performing arts, theatre, writing, poetry. I was also involved in many associations: Red Cross, Scouts. So that is left behind me. My hope is now to do what I was doing before. Not only teach but to be involved because I am passionate to do a voluntary job. My big dream is to have my NGO for education. Because you know in Africa people must be educated. When you got education you got knowledge and you can be safe. Anyone can understand to not the same level but to a degree. When it is different, one is educated and another is not educated it is not easy to understand each other. It makes things difficult and this is one reason there is Xenophobia.”


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