New Intern Profile – Martin Gry Pedersen


Hi my name is Martin. I am currently one of the EHD interns at Scalabrini. I am from Denmark and I grew up just outside of Copenhagen. I am 25 years old and I’m am currently doing my masters in Global Refugee Studies at AAU-CPH. My background is that I have done volunteer work outside of my studies and that I have a bachelor’s degree in sociology. I enjoy running and hiking. Also I have the prettiest desktop picture here at Scalabrini. I perform the daily services at the EHD and I am also engaged in the Foreign Nurses Program along with Kimberly. I enjoy reading and I usually read a book a week. I am staying at the guest house here at Scalabrini, which I would recommend to any intern or employee coming to work here. My reasons for coming to SA are that I wanted to explore and experience an asylum regime outside of Europe. So far I have seen elements that I feel could be implemented in a European setting with beneficial effects, but also element where the actual implementation of legislation is not working properly.

Cape Town is one of the most scenic and culturally rich cities that I have ever been in, and I cherish every single moment here! Table Mountain hike: up 1:27, down, 44 min.


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