New Intern Profile – Liboria Stancampiano


My name is Liboria Stancampiano. I was born in Palermo but until I was eleven I used to live in Florence. After having spent approximately other ten years in Palermo with my family, I moved to Milano to attend University. We could say that I am used to moving, thus changing does not scare me at all, rather I find it really challenging. As a result, in September I will start a new experience abroad: I will be an erasmus student in Leuven, Belgium for 6 months. Currently, in Milano I am studying Law at the Università Cattolica, I feel I can say that I am really keen on the field I am into.

I’ll be at Scalabrini for one month working with the Advocacy Team, helping refugees and asylum seekers. I’m looking forward to starting!

In these days I had the opportunity to visit the centre and I found stunning everything they do, it’s amazing how the English School helps so many people, giving them the chance to improve their conditions! I’m grateful to the Scalabrini Centre and to my University that  gave me this opportunity, to be part of such a fantastic organization!

I hope that this experience will help me in making up my mind about my future. I am really keen on the International Law of Human rights, in fact in Leuven I am going to attend a specific course focused on that field and, in addition to this, a specific seminar at my return in Italy. Maybe in working with the Advocacy Team I will understand that dealing with human rights  is truly what  I would like to do in the future.


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