New Intern Profile – Ever-merry Chipise


My name is Ever-merry Chipise. I am from Zimbabwe and I am currently volunteering at Scalabrini as an EAP Intern. I recently completed my Masters in Counsellling Psychology and I am now studying Child and Family Studies. I enjoy working with people and I am finding my experience at Scalabrini to be rewarding even in the first week. I look forward to working with the dynamic staff and clients at Scalabrini.

I have had the dream to work in the NGO environment and being at Scalabrini is confirming my passion and I am certain this is the ideal type of working environment for me. I am interested in learning more about the dynamics of migration and assisting in the job search and empowering the clients with basic skills to secure and excel in the work environment as I believe in empowerment rather than dependence.

I love having a good laugh, hiking and puzzle solving. I recently adopted the motto that: one can fail or fall as many times as possible as long as you remember to get up each time with a new lesson learnt regardless of how small the lesson is. Keep at it and smile 🙂


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