Hello everybody! My name is Christer, and I am currently Volunteering with the Advocacy Desk at Scalabrini.

I was born in Kagera and raised in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, where I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Law. I worked with Building Resources Across Communities (BRAC-Tanzania) where I led a community campaign on poverty alleviation. I also worked with the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau. I investigated and prosecuted corruption cases, together with getting involved in establishing and monitoring anti-corruption clubs in schools and creating awareness on the causes and effects of corruption in the community.

I arrived in Cape Town in 2013 with the aim of joining my spouse and doing my further studies. I become aware of the refugee problems from the society surrounding me which most of the people are forced migrants. This led me to volunteer for Scalabrini Centre.

I’m really thankful for the opportunity and I’m enjoying to work at the Scalabrini Centre and it is my great expectations that I’ll experience the reality of forced migration in a broad context of laws.


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