Jonas Sparre Nyhjem was born in a Copenhagen suburb of Værløse, in the year 1986. His family lineage can be traced back to the royal Glücksburg house, but his stands are firmly populist, as evident from his participation in the Danish Occupy movement. Jonas studied history and film at the University of Copenhagen, which amounts to little more than a glorified library pass and a convenient conversation starter, respectively. His BA thesis dealt with piracy and state sovereignty in ancient Greece. Currently, he is doing his master’s program in Global Refugee Studies at the University of Aalborg, and he is interested in systemic injustices in what is termed: “the global rescue industry”. At Scalabrini, Jonas works as an intern at the Employment Access Program, where he helps people gain meaningful employment in the dog-eat-dog South African labor marked. His spare time interests involve film and theater reviewing, and he writes for a user based media website.


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