Hello.I am one of the new advocacy interns at Scalabrini and will be interning here until mid-December.

I was born and raisedin Toronto, Canada. I have an undergraduate degree in Communications and Cultural Studies from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and also spent some time studying philosophy and literature at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Canada. Having no idea what to do with myarts education, I decided to go to law school with the idea of working in the field of social justice. I obtained a Juris Doctor from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, in 2008. While at Queen’s University, I also obtained a certificate in public international law from the University’s International Study Centre in Sussex, England.

With the exception of a brief sojourn to New York City in 2009, I have been working for the Government of Ontario (Canada’s largest province) since after I completed law school. I have worked in a number of government departments, but my main job is with an office called the Office of Legislative Counsel, which assists the government and other members of the provincial parliament with writing bills and regulations. The Office also manages the online publication of laws for the province of Ontario and provides advice to members of the provincial Parliament about parliamentary procedure.

I am currently taking a leave of absence from my job with the Ontario government in order to travel and gain some experience working in a non-governmental organisation. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work at Scalabrini and to live in Cape Town for four months and I look forward to meeting and working with all the team and the clients.


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