Hi, my name is Rachele and I’m from Italy. The first time I came to South Africa was in 2012 to volunteer with refugees. I came to Cape Town again last year to volunteer with women and children who are victims of abuse.  From the first time I came to South Africa, I fell in love with this vibrant city and its multicultural environment. Those experiences helped me in my decision to do a Masters Degree in International Cooperation and Development. I am very passionate about international affairs and issues such as poverty, migration and hate crimes and sustainable development with a particular interest in the African Continent.

Now I am an “All-arounder” intern at the Scalabrini Centre and I am so glad I have the chance to be involved in this amazing organization because I can gain insight and knowledge in all the various programs and the aspects of the centre. I’ve been here for 3 weeks now and I’m really enjoying my time helping the clients in the PC Lab, covering Eve at reception, teaching at the Conversation Club and a lot more. I am also here to help my understanding of xenophobic violence and the issues surrounding it. It is amazing to realize how many new things I’m getting to know day by day. This is a very important experience for my professional future but also for myself at a personal level and I’m grateful for all these people are giving me and how much I can learn from them and I just hope it is as much as I can teach them and help them with in return; and the team and the environment here at the Scalabrini centre is simply amazing. I will remember forever what Elissa said to me on my first day here: “You will always find a good reason to come here every morning”… and, hey, that’s true!


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