The Scalabrini Centre, in conjunction with Amnesty International, is proud to present to you the trailer for our documentary film, “From the Same Soil”. The documentary film is soon to be released. The film, which takes a stunningly personal look into the lives of LGBTI refugees in South Africa, is the first character driven film made in South Africa about LGBTI refugees.

The film portrays the lives of two gay men and one trans woman who left their home countries because of discrimination and persecution. While in South Africa they applied for refugee status on the base of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Despite the fact that in South Africa both national laws and international human rights law protect LGBTI individuals against any form of discrimination, Flavina, Musa and Junior have encountered several challenges in their new communities. 

From the Same Soil is an emotional personal journey that shows how stigmatisation, persecution and violence have turned the characters into human rights activists.

Watch the trailer on Youtube:http://bit.ly/1iLKq1h


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