Unite as One Youth Camp

Unite as One has just completed its first ever youth camp! The camp was run for Vista High’s Grade 12 classes on 19-21 March at the Rotary facility in Glencairn. 52 learners participated. The first day of the camp included ice breakers around diversity, partner acrobatics led by camp emcee Danya Davis, poetry with Khadija and Sithembile, art with Sophie, a documentary film screening with Elaine from STEPS and singing around the campfire with Elton.

Camp 1

Day two was facilitated by JUMP, an organisation providing experiential education to youth around the world. Activities included group challenges like crossing a dangerous ocean using only paper plates, stacking cups without using one’s hands and staying on a rapidly shrinking island. JUMP also introduced models around recognizing and adjusting one’s mindset, reflection on activities that keep us in/take us out of our comfort zone, different practices of leadership and offered additional experiences like diversity circle, brainstorming around what inspires us, a group drawing activity and appreciation practices.

Camp 2

The third day included Equal Education leading a role play on how to organize for change within one’s school and community, final appreciations and a closing circle reflecting on what everyone had gained from the camp experience.

A huge THANK YOU to all the facilitators, Vista High teachers and parents who provided the delicious food and were a constant support, and to the learners themselves for making the camp such a transformative and enjoyable experience for all.

camp 3

Please check out our Facebook page for more photos!


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