Meredith Duce

MeredithMy name is Meredith and I am an intern with the Employment Access Program. I am from Colorado but go to school in Oregon at the University of Oregon. There I am studying International Studies and minoring in Non-Profit Management. Instead of Studying Abroad I chose to have an internship abroad because it has given me the opportunity to travel to and gain work experience in a region and field that I hope to work in the future.

I have been at Scalabrini for a month now and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I think the main reason why my time at Scalabrini has flown by so quickly is because of how much I enjoy the work I am doing with the Employment Access Program.Interacting with the clients and assisting them to find employmenthas been a really rewarding experience and I have learned so much already. In the afternoons I have been working with the Digital Literacy workshops and with the Foreign Educator Internship Program. I love teaching Digital Literacy because it teaches clients crucial skills that will help them to find a job and the students are so eager and appreciative to be learning these new skills. It has been great to be a part of many different aspects of the Employment Access Program because I am involved in many aspects in helping our clients find work. It’s a great feeling knowing that the resources I am giving them can help improve their lives in such a positive way.

I am so glad that I have gotten this opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization.  I am excited to continue working for the next two months and I can only hope that time slows down because I know it will be hard leaving the incredible and inspiring team at Scalabrini.


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