RomyHi, my name is Romy and I have worked in the Employment Access Programme for three weeks now. At present I am actually supposed to finish my studies in Psychology in Germany, but I found there might be better things to do for the moment… and I suppose Scalabrini Centre has proven me right.

The idea of working with migrants and refugees and supporting them came up for the first time when I was interning in a centre for addiction therapy in
Berlin. When I was talking with patients from other countries about their
reasons for taking drugs, it seemed that all the struggles they faced when
moving to another country and trying to fit in there contributed to the
development of their addiction. Drugs were a way to either escape from the
challenges and disappointments they could not handle or to function at work and in relationships. I realized that even small but spirited support could turn desperate situations into manageable challenges for them.

I am glad that Scalabrini has given me the chance to offer this kind of direct
help. Within a few days here, I learned that the hope and confidence of the people looking for work can be the most powerful motivators for me to give my best. While I can help them as they ‘look for greener pastures’ (as some clients like to write), I have the opportunity to see how all the people here work hand in hand to provide the most effective support possible. I think the way the services are offered here, this thinking without limits, just oriented towards the clients’ needs, is what impresses me most about Scalabrini and I am curious about the experiences here that lie ahead of me.


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