Cultural Orientation Programme – Fun at Iziko

Georges, Joseph and I set off from Scalabrini on a beautiful and warm autumn morning heading for the Iziko museum at the top of Government Avenue.

On our way up, we passed through the Company Gardens and saw the statues of JC Smuts and Cecil John Rhodes which prompted a useful discussion on the pros and cons of colonialism.

We also stopped at the sundial and discussed its workings with all of us being amazed at its accuracy when looking at our watches.

On entering the museum our first stop was the rock paintings with all their mystery and beauty. We marvelled at the artwork created with such crude instruments.

We came face to face with a Khoi-San family (residents of our land long before the Nguni people and European settlers) and had glimpses into their way of life.

We then moved onto the Marine exhibit and were amazed at the size of the skeleton of a Blue whale which is suspended from the ceiling.

Our final stop was at the very interesting special exhibit on Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution – beautifully displayed and annotated.

There is so much more to see but time was short and we still had to fit in a very necessary refreshment break at the Company Garden tearoom.

A wonderful time for me to spend with two special fellows.

Anthony Power, Volunteer Host, Cultural Orientation Programme


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