Cultural Exchange Opportunity

DaluxoloHi there! I am Daluxolo Moloantoa, and I’d like to talk to you about teaching. Teaching is an activity that most people associate with a classroom or university lecture hall. On the contrary, teaching can take place anywhere and at any time really.

In Africa, we are all familiar with the image of a class of kids hunched together under the shade of a big tree, receiving education without the comforts of proper learning tools and a real classroom. They go through the process of learning on the outside, in imaginary “classrooms”. Although scholars at the Scalabrini English School do take their lessons in well-equipped classrooms, the school has made the decision to expose the learners to education on the outside, away from text books and the close confines of their familiar classrooms.

The English School Cultural Orientation Programme aims to help orientate each student, the majority being from other Southern African and Central African countries, to South African culture and the city of Cape Town – which is their current “home away from home”. The programme aims to provide a platform for cultural exchange amongst Scalabrini English School students and South Africans. The programme pairs a local host with one of the students to undertake a leisure/cultural activity together every 2 weeks over one English School term, approximately 5 months. It is an opportunity to meet someone from a different culture and share ideas and experiences together. It is also an opportunity to share your knowledge of the city and local culture with a newcomer.

Options of possible activities are provided by the school. These include visiting historical landmarks around Cape Town such as the Company Gardens, the Castle of Good Hope or the Grand Parade, taking trips to one of the Iziko Museums and other activities such as attending free summer concerts at De Waal Park or at the V&A Waterfront.

I am glad to mention that I have recently joined the list of hosts who will be undertaking the programme this term. The English School is in need of a number of hosts to match with the students. If you are interested in meeting someone from a different culture who is new to Cape Town, then all you need do is to get in touch with the English School.

The programme starts in mid-March and finishes at the end of the first term in early June. Please email Daniela Cohen, the English School Co-ordinator on or call her on
021 465 6433
, and she will familiarise you with further aspects of the programme, and how it can be tailored to suit your schedule if you are interested in undertaking this journey of discovery and learning.


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