IMG_3324My name is Sophie. I am originally from DRC and I graduated from the Catholic University of Bukavu with a Bachelor of Economics in Financial Management.  I joined Scalabrini on 9 January 2013 in order to learn English, and at the moment I am working as an intern in the Employment Access Program (EAP). This program’s aim is to foster refugees’ and South Africans’ social integration by helping them to find employment.

I came to Cape Town in March 2012. It’s a wonderful city. I like it because most of the people that I meet don’t laugh at me when I make mistakes in speaking English. Quite the contrary, they encourage me to continue and tell me that I am doing well. This is something that I really appreciate.

I enjoy working at EAP because I have an opportunity to improve my English by listening and talking to the people from different countries. On top of that, I have a possibility to help them. When I see people smile after I assist them writing a CV or applying for a job, I feel really happy. It’s just amazing! And I am really grateful to Scalabrini for that.


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