Hi, my name is Rachel and while I would love to be from Cape Town, sadly my mailing address is still San Diego, California… for now. I have been hiding from the real world in Cape Town for about a month. I just started at Scalabrini this week and I get to stay for 2 months! I absolutely love the city and all the layers, colors, mountains, languages, wind that blows me over, beaches, sounds, places to eat, shop, people… everything.

So far I have seen: RobbenIsland, Slave Lodge, District 6, TableMountain, Bokaap, the Castle (which is a fort), Soweto, and a lot of lions and cheetahs. I also found my calling on playing the drums…sorry to my neighbors upstairs if I find one no one is sleeping for a week.

What I want to do when I grow up: While it is a surprise that I don’t use the MA in Medieval Christianity more often, I am also interested in NGO or NFP (not-for-profit) work. Ideally I would like to travel and volunteer for the rest of my life, sadly no one has offered to finance this yet. Therefore, I am going to have to look for a job that lets me participate in a greater good and visit people in new and fun places. In order to convince dad/boss to let me stay another two months, I had to promise to keep “working” while I am here. Unfortunately, my heart and head are going in another direction, which dad understands but the boss is having a hard time letting go of.

What I love about Scalabrini? I love that everyone here actually wants to be here, some so much they live in the PC lab! I also have not met one person who blames lack of coffee for rudeness before noon or lack of coffee for rudeness after lunch (must be all the tea). I am looking forward to learning more about all the programs and meeting all these really cool people who come to make CV’s…maybe I should start working on mine, too!

Things I have learned:

Robots are not out to get me,

your chips look just like French Fries,

sun screen is a must


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