English students’ outing to Green Point

Written by Kamala Matie, Elementary II student, English School

I would like to say 12-06-2012 was for me the day that I waited for our outing in group, but I didn’t enjoy it as foresight. It was not my will, I was late to the meeting place.

When I arrived to the place as reference that my teacher told me to the phone (Mc Donald place), I waited for there 2 hours my class because I didn’t know the address of Green Point Garden to join my class. When my class came back for the garden and I saw the pictures in their camera, the all things that I missed, I felt very sad.

After that, I really enjoyed the time that we are sharing together our snack in group; it was one the things that touched my heart and the goodness and generosity that I found from my teacher Anthony.

It is someone who doesn’t live for himself, but he lives with mercy, consideration and love for the others as well.

And, it was something that I learn from him, his action did go deep on my heart. That day is unforgettable day for me and Mr. Anthony is a famous person for me that I never saw. Lovely day and lovely date.


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