Hi, I’m Kirsty and I’m currently volunteering at Scalabrini as the English School intern. I’m from the UK and moved to Cape Town about a year ago when my husband transferred here with his work. I trained as a primary school teacher in the UK, but changed to teaching adults after I had my own children, as I wanted to work part-time.

I originally offered my services to Scalabrini solely to teach English, but when the chance of getting more involved with the day-to-day running of the English School came up, I thought it would be a fascinating experience and jumped right in!

I think it’s important to still have the teaching contact with the students, so I teach a beginners’ class and am thoroughly enjoying it. I studied Drama at University and was an actor for a few years after that, and I’m sure that helps when you have to stand in front of a class and take on the role of ‘teacher’. Plus the art of improvisation always comes in very handy!

The most difficult thing about moving to a different country I have found is the constant feeling of being an outsider. It must be so much worse when you have left your home country as a refugee under extreme circumstances and perhaps do not have the language skills to understand what is going on around you. So I can see why the friendly and welcoming environment at the Scalabrini Centre is so very necessary and so very special.

In my spare time, I like to walk my dog on the beach or the mountain, take Yoga classes, or chill out at home with my family. I’ve walked up Lion’s Head five times now since I moved here, and am still in awe of the view every time I make it to the top!  Cape Town is such a stunningly beautiful city, I count myself lucky at ending up here and having the chance to meet even more diverse, interesting and lovely people each and every day!


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