Volunteer Interview: Craig

Hi,  My name is Craig.  I am here at Scalabrini as an All-Rounder  volunteer from Cross-Cultural Solutions.  I am from the state of Idaho in the United States where I volunteer as a chaplain in a local hospital and as a tour guide and curator at a natural history museum.  During my working career, I was employed as a professor of entomology in the College of Agriculture at the University of Idaho working on crop and household pests.  I also serve as a volunteer for the Zambia Scholarship Fund, a private organization for providing USA sponsors for Zambian high school age students to attend high school in their home country and to provide school supplies to primary schools in Northern Zambia.

Although my high school English teachers would awaken from their respective graves if they knew I was teaching English to anyone anywhere,  this is one of my key interests at Scalabrini.  The need to do so is so great that I enjoy being involved in the effort.  The students at Scalabrini are great people who are trying hard to learn.  Another key area of interest is in the Welfare department because of previous experience working from 2002-2007 as a missionary in the Zulu Culture of KwaZulu-Natal, where we dealt regularly with poverty, education, HIV/AIDS, and welfare issues for our congregation members.

I have only been at Scalabrini for a short time,  but I am impressed with the mission of the organization and the level of commitment of the people working here.   My family at home is a large one and they are envious of my opportunity at Scalabrini and the chance to be among the workers, students and other people at the Centre in Cape Town.


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