A day at Scalabrini: Blessing

Over the past few months we have had a regularly returned client come to Scalabrini about once a week for help and assistance, he is a man named Blessing. He is a very warm and caring man who always seems to be trying to improve himself. Although he is blind, he has continued to improve himself through his education, and getting himself to obtain countless books on tape. He has never once felt sorry for himself because of his handicap, and every time he comes around to Scalabrini many of the people here recognize him, say hello, and ask him how he has been doing. He of course, returns the favor of

inquiring how people are doing, and takes great interest in others well being.  One can’t help but notice how much he enjoys his time at the centre, and how he always gets a warm reception when he is here, and he often warms the hearts of those he encounters. It’s a pleasure to announce that my most recent visit with Blessing has him now pursuing a higher education at UCT, and he is a man who never seems to stop or slow down, because he views himself as a dedicated, hard working young man who is trying to better himself and the community around him. Lets hope to see more of him, and always be reminded what a joy he has been to the lives of those he encounters.

-Sean Ferris, Scalabrini Volunteer


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