Iziko Museum Class Field Trip

The following post is courtesy of a student from the Elementary IB class of the Scalabrini English school, after a class trip to the Iziko Museum.

The Scalabrini English School Elementary IB class outside of the Iziko Museum

Isiko means the house of fire.  Isiko Museum explores the relationship between us and the world we live in–our biological and cultural diversity, past and present, founded in 1825.  It’s the oldest museum in South Africa.

Thursday 26th October 2011 at half past one, we ended up at Scalabrini Centre. After twenty minutes, we walked to Isiko museum, past the Gardens at the end of Queen Victoria street.

All along the Queen Victoria Street, we sow two statues “J.C. SMUTS and Cecil RHODES” and the Sun dial (you can see or read the time).

Before four o’clock, we arrived at Isiko Museum.  Inside at the reception, Mr. Basil our Museum guide received us and said “Follow-me!”

The first people are called “saw”. Their color was “Café” or “Black”. They used the Trap-hunting. The animals skin was used as clothes and the meat for eat. They cooked inside Cooking-Hut but they didn’t sleep there.

Three Tribes:

  • Zulu
  • Sotho
  • Xhosa.

Every night, they dance around the fire. Some people were in a trance and wrote or drew on the stone some pictures. Their intelligence was divine.

We visited many rooms: fishes room, baby dinosaur room,…

King of the crocs was attractive because it’s an original fossil. It was found in the Southern Sahara desert by a member of an expedition team led by Dr. Paul SERENO in 2000.

At the end, Mr. Basil said “you’re welcome anytime” and thanked us.

Outside, we took the pictures in front of Isiko Museum. After our teacher Mr. Anthony offered us a soft drink.

I thank Mr. Anthony because now I have more knowledge concerning South African history.

Thank you, Scalabrini Centre.



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