English School Students: Leaticia, Dimirri and William

Blogs from the SCCT English School Elementary IB Students

My name is Leaticia.  I am new comer to Cape Town, I do not have any experience now but every Friday morning at 9:00 I go to English school at Scalabrini.  When I finish my English school I do what I want.

I’m Dimirri; I’m in Cape Town 9 months ego.  I’m studying English at Scalabrini Centre.  This Centre is very good because it’s help many people who can not go in other areas to learn English.  I wish good life and keep going to do that.  God bless you!

My name’s William.  I like Cape Town because it’s nice city.  There’s no crime, you can walk at any time.  I like to be here.


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