Hello everyone! My name is Zanele Mangaliso and I am happy to be an intern here at Scalabrini for the next four months. I am originally from South Africa; I am currently not studying but one day I would love to be a social worker. Because of this and my passion for helping others and wish to gain experience in working with people, I am here in the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town to do a service learning internship.

I hope to gain a lot from this internship and use this experience to enrich my studies in the future. I also hope to make good friends and touch many people’s lives along the way.  At Scalabrini, I am stationed at the Employment Help Desk, meaning I will be lucky enough to work with many different people coming from different places in Africa.

So far, I am working hard to make CV’s and motivational letters and help the clients make phone calls and faxes and write emails.  This work was quite daunting at first, but once I got the hang of it, I was ready to take off.  I am so enjoying working and helping the clients and they are enjoying my help as well. I remember a few clients who asked for me by name, this makes me happy that I could be depended on like that.  And they even recognised me outside of work as well, and it is kind of embarrassing because I ask them, “Do I know you?” and they say, “Don’t you work at Scalabrini?”.  When I’m working at Scalabrini, some of them come in when they’re off just looking for something else to do or just to say hello.


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