Bonjour tout le monde!

Hi everyone!!!

 My name is Magalie (Ma-ga-lie!! Not margarine, nor margalie, nor Maggie…) and I am coming from THE French city of wine, Bordeaux! I won’t tell you my age… but all you have to know is that I am, unfortunately, closer to my 30s than my 20s! I am a Political Science and International Relations Master student; this internship at Scalabrini is part of my degree and I couldn’t have imagined a better place to enrich (and finish) my studies.

I have been volunteering at Scalabrini Centre as a ‘get-ready-to-be-flexible’ All-rounder for more than 2 months now…and I’ll have to go back to France in 3 weeks already! Time is flying by super fast in this Centre! So far, it has been a great, hence wonderful opportunity to learn about the different issues South Africa is struggling over. All I knew from South Africa before my arrival was from what I saw on TV during the Football World Cup last year and Coetzee’s Disgrace book, which is far from being the best picture of South Africa, I guess. By the way, don’t read it before coming…

Believe it or not, the thing I will miss the most is working at the Soup Kitchen. I can’t really explain why. It is both incredibly heartbreaking and fulfilling. I first had to overcome my so-called European standards before feeling comfortable enough with the ‘rules’ of Papa and Demand – the two amazing Scalabrini cooks! The veggies stew doesn’t look like it but it is SOOOOOOOO good! Give it a try! French’s honor!!!

I hope I’ve been able to demonstrate through this little presentation how great it is to be a volunteer here…I will always remember my time at Scalabrini Centre and wish everyone to experience such eye-opening and humanly rewarding adventure.


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