Hello everyone!

My name’s Ruth.  I was born in Rwanda.  There, I studied psychology and have teaching qualifications to teach primary school.  I finished in 2005 and I got a professional certificate of secondary education level A2.

After that I created a job for myself.  I have been working as a decorator for five years and I became very skilled in using my hands to create ornaments and other types of decoration.  This job made me so happy, because it helped me raise funds for my education.

In 2010 I came to Cape Town as a refugee, because the situation changed in my country.  When I got here, I met with my dear friend and we got married on 27-2-2010 together as a family.  But at that time life was still so difficult because I could not speak English.

In July 2010 by chance I know some information about Scalabrini. Immediately,  I started learning English there.  Few months later life changed to good.  I could speak English.

In June 2011, I was happy to hear that I will be a volunteer at Scalabrini for the next six months, and also continue to take English classes.   This made me so happy, because Scalabrini is a good place.  So, I’m very happy to be here and hope to bring additional value to Scalabrini.


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