Hello everyone!!!

My name’s Stefano and I’ve just arrived in Cape Town from a little city in the middle of Italy!!

It all started last year when I met for the first time some people from A.S.C.S., the NGO that has helped the Scalabrini Father’s in their projects for “despazados”, migrants and refugees around the world.

I continued to stay in touch with them, and last summer I had the opportunity to go to South America to write my master thesis about the Scalabrini projects in Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina.

So, after that I finished my Master in Economics and International Policies in Milan, then I decided to have a new and longer experience as volunteer and the chance arose to come to here!

But maybe, as one of my best friend always said me… “Il caso è l’abito che un Dio discreto ha scelto per camminare tra gli uomini” (chance is nothing more than the dress that a discrete God has chosen to walk amongst human beings in).

I’ve been here only two weeks and I’m really happy: people are wonderful, work is very interesting and South Africa is amazing.

I’m very curious to see what else will happen in the next year!!

Ciao a tutti!


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