After trying to get to Africa for a long time, I finally made it!

When I changed planes here a few years ago I always knew I would be back, so it worked out perfectly that I am able to do a coop term for my Masters studies with the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town for the next four months.

My name is Tanissa and I come from a place called Winnipeg in the middle of Canada. This is the cold, flat part, so the timing is perfect for me to miss the long cold winter Canadian winter and enjoy the African summer instead.

For my Masters degree, I am studying Conflict Resolution because I believe that conflict can be used as a catalyst for positive change. I am especially interested in the area of peacebuilding through the arts, culture and sports, which is a concept I can see that the Scalabrini Centre has embraced through the Art Therapy workshops for refugees and programs aimed at tackling xenophobia in the community.

I have worked in many cross-cultural environments and co-ordinated a sports-based community development project for IDPs in Azerbaijan so I am looking forward to putting these skills to use and gaining many more during my time here. I am excited to be assisting with the project in De Doorns and look forward to having the opportunity to experience life in a rural township as well as the city.

South Africa is an incredibly unique, fascinating, and beautiful place to be and I feel very fortunate to spend four months here. I know that my time with the Scalabrini Centre will be prove to be eye-opening, educational, and relevant for my studies, and I look forward to what the next few months have in store.


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