Hey everyone, my name is Giannina, a 24 year old student from Frankfurt, Germany. I am studying social pedagogy in the 7th semester, which means that I have almost finished my studies. The last task I have to fulfill is an internship of six months. I decided to split the internship up and spend 3 of these months in a foreign country.

So here I am. I have been in Cape Town for two weeks now and the day after my arrival, I started to work at the Employment Help Desk in the Scalabrini Centre, helping refugees to find a job and maybe a better perspective in their lives. As I haven’t been here so long here yet, I am very glad to be able to experience many coming adventures and also to get to know many people with different cultures and backgrounds.

For me as a European, it is very exciting to watch life here in South Africa and to learn something about the attitudes of the people. Because I’m working untill the end of January 2011 at the Employment Help Desk, I am sure I’ll meet many interesting personalities from South Africa and the surrounding area. My flight back home to Germany will be at the end of February so I will have the opportunity to travel a lot, discover nature and get to know other countries and cultures.

I am really happy that I have decided to come to Cape Town and to work in the Scalabrini Centre, because what I have seen yet make me curious to see more.


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