Hello there, I’m Julian Mukoko Bongeye from D R Congo. The very first time I came to South Africa, it was like a life adventure for me. I stayed in Johannesburg in the beginning. Life was so fast over there, so I decided to come down to Cape Town in 2006. One of my relative sisters brought me to Scalabrini Centre. I was enrolled in a computer course and life skills development course. I had the privilege to be taught by the great man Frank Julie. I have learnt a lot from him. I remember he told me to be willing to do volunteer work. “Do unpaid internships to gain experience,” he said. Now I’m very excited to be volunteering at the Scalabrini Centre, teaching a Beginners English class. What is more exciting, most of my students are from D R Congo. So I’m really happy to be a volunteer there, helping my brothers and sisters who are keen and willing to speak English. I would have done more if only I had had that opportunity.

English was my favourite subject in high school and I attended one of the best English centres in the capital city Kinshasa before going to university. Here in Cape Town, I obtained a CELTA certificate from Shane Global Language Centre at V&A Waterfront. I’m currently studying Media and Journalism at INTEC College. I like reading newspapers and magazines and traveling to places to discover things. And I also like watching TV, especially news reports and talk shows.

I really thank all the staff in Scalabrini Centre for doing useful services to help those people in need. Once again, thank you so much!


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