“Drawing with lights”…..this is what photography means. Taking photos is not only a hobby but it could become an art, a way of living, and it can be enriched by the different subjects that are represented in the frame.

I think that my photos have been enriched by all the awesome people that I have met during my stay in Cape Town, people that might not have a lot but that give you emotions and special feelings. The people that I am talking about are the refugees: fantastic people regardless of what happens to them, the only things that appear in the frame will be a big smile, a wink, or a funny expression.

I am Francesca. I am from Turin, Italy, and the thing I like the most is photography. I arrived in Cape Town at the end of September and I am staying here for two months, working at the Employment Help Desk. I really like the day to day tasks that I have to face as I help the refugees find a job that could help them better integrate in the Southern African society, in which they have recently arrived.

I am currently in my fourth year at the University of Law of Turin with an interest in the Human Rights field, so I came to the Scalabrini Centre to understand what it is really about, and I can say that I really like it. There is a good atmosphere here in the Centre and I am really enjoying my time, everyone is working to help make this society a little bit better. I couldn’t have found a good place to work in Cape Town, so thank you everybody for making every day of my stay great.


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