Hey! I am Wendy, 20 years old, studying Human Resource Management at Zuyd University in the Netherlands. I am in Cape Town from August until November to do an internship of ten weeks at the Employment Help Desk.
Being in Cape Town for almost six weeks now, I am pretty sure that coming to this country has been my best decision ever. What an amazing place! Wherever you go, you will find people with different social and cultural backgrounds. I love it!
During my studies, I have always been focused on developing commercial skills to work in the recruitment field. Working with refugees and migrants at the Employment Help Desk has increased my awareness regarding the importancy of the well-being of people. Because – in the end – it is not the organisation that runs the people: it is the people who run the organisation. They are the engine. And in my future career ,I want to keep that engine running. That is why I recently chose to do a Masters Degree in Management of Learning, which is all about the well-being, development and learning of individuals in an organisation.
Working at the Employment Help Desk for six weeks now has already offered me so many things. It’s incredible. I learned to appreciate the litte things again – little things that count the most. A client, walking out of the building with his brand new CV and a smile on his face. During this internship, I have already learned more about interpersonal skills than I did in the last three years at my university.
This is an experience which keeps my own engine running – and believe me, it is running like crazy ;)!


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