I am Jae Eun Lee. You can always call me by Jae. I go to bed and wake up everyday amazed to be in Cape Town. I never thought I would be living in a place where I get to see Table Mountain right in front of my eyes. The place is breathtaking and I am so thankful to be here and to work with so many nice people. Born and raised on an island, I always wanted to travel around and this is my third travel destination and I am glad that Cape Town, South Africa, is now on my list.

I am a recent graduate from Michigan State University. I have a degree in Human Resources and Society. I have always wanted to be a recruiter and a personnel interviewer. The society part in my degree makes me want to work with NGO’s. They have been my greatest interest. Working with refugees and a place where they work for the refugees is a great pleasure. Impressed by one of my fellow classmates presenting about South Africa and the current issues, I was determined to have my hopefully last internship in South Africa. I want to know what things are going on in South Africa other than safety issues. I definitely want to know about the employment issues, rates, labor market, and the impact of migrants on the labor market. I have so many ideas and topics that I want to write my research paper about: South Africa and the work and interactions in Scalabrini will help me choose the right topic! It is just a wonderful place to be. I feel and believe there is more to learn and more to come!

I hope I do well with is opportunity that I am experiencing right now. I want to thank MSU for preparing me for this opportunity as well as Connect 123 for giving me this experience and Scalabrini Centre for accepting me as their intern/volunteer worker. In the future, I plan to recruit and staff and volunteers to help out the community and for the better of the organization, and this Cape Town experience will make me someone that can give opportunities to people who are in need.


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