I am Moè from Japan. I just began to intern at Scalabrini as an All-Rounder Volunteer, getting involved in research, clothes sorting, health clinic, soup kitchen, English teaching, etc etc. First, I would like to thank all the people helping me with starting my internship. I have already met so many awesome people, and I am sure that my experiences here will be a great starting point for what I would like to do in my life.

Back in Japan, I am an undergraduate student at Akita International University. Completing a one-year exchange program in Canada, I just began to study Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, which is the field that I hope to devote myself to for my entire life.

Having many Chinese, Korean, and Japanese friends, war and international politics/economy have been a big topic of concern for me. Currently East Asia is not in war. But I think that through political and economical systems, East Asia indirectly contributes to creating conflicts and political/economical instabilities that force people to flee their home countries.

So while I intern at Scalabrini, I would like to get to know people here and learn about situations around refugees and asylum seekers in Cape Town.  Also, I would like to get familiar with an NGO working environment and to be capable of doing multiple tasks simultaneously.

I am sure that I will have a fantastic time at Scalabrini. I will do all my best to learn and experience as many things as possible so that I will be able to make myself useful for society. Once again, I thank people at Scalabrini so much for your help and friendliness.


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