“Ich bin nicht Stiller”, this is one first sentence, the beginning of one of the most recognized German novels nowadays. And this is what I normally do. Reading and literature. Reading and writing; and reading and … it can be a pain – was a pain – and that is why I’m here. I am Chris.
Nice to meet you.

This sentence, which (by the way) translated means “I am not the quiet guy”, is at least in my opinion, a sloppy one. From my point of view, German writers lack experience in the field of human beings. And this is why I am here. They can do better and they must. I am Chris. I am an energetic, upcoming (and unpaid) writer.
Nice to meet you.

“He is not the quiet guy” – that is what people say, who learnt to stand my immature but heartfelt ways. My being hopelessly lacks manners and hard feelings, I never acquired the ability to restrain myself and to repress my temperament. I am born without either any sense of colour (when it comes to skin) and orientation (when it comes to finding my way back home). Some people among those who hold on to me say that I am free, and the others wonder how I get through the next day. I am Chris. I am an upcoming writer, immature and unpaid. I am volunteering and I am very happy to work with you. You can find me at the Employment Help Desk, at the back of the room, near the window.
Nice to meet you.


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