Refugee in stress

For many reason the refugee leaves his country. After having lost his family in the war, after having felt the famine, and run away the surffering and disease etc……

All those reasons turn around him, and mack him stress. That man come in south Africa with that mind to get refuge and find peace. Arrive in south africa, he got other stress again, because some times when he walks, he’s always threatened by other.

That man need peace!  And forget painful events that hapened in his country. He worked hard in the direct interest of gouvernment. So why is he deprived of law? Why his procedures are always been longer to get what he need? Why the threat? Until when will that man continue in stress?

That’s why he implored to the gouvernment of south africa to think about him, and to not forget the agreement they have taken with H.C.R.

Etienne, Pre-Intermediate II student at Scalabrini


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