My name is Alouch, a Kenyan national. I am a teacher by profession. I came to South Africa in 2008 to study. Having experienced Cape Town and Kimberly cities, I then decided to live in Cape Town permanently. I like Capetonians; I like the unpredictability of the weather. I love Cape Town – the beaches, the mountain, the oceans, the weather. I love Cape’s manicured lawns, large streets, name it.

I am a volunteer English teacher in Scalabrini. I knew about Scalabrini Centre through a Zimbabwean friend. When I came to the centre, I was impressed with what the staff ere doing and I did seize the invite to be a volunteer. When I took and read a brochure to know more about the centre; these words stood out for me: they fled, they reached, they integrated. I had a discourse within, then reflected; I was neither there when they were fleeing; nor there when they reached: but I will be there for their integration. Since then I have been working as a volunteer, since February 2010.

It has been an enriching and eye-opening experience being part of this centre. I love what I am doing here. It is completely a different experience. The learners are mature, responsible and zealous about learning. Their eagerness to learn is an insurmountable motivation. I’m always looking forward to my lesson days: a contrast to my experience teaching in high school, though I love teaching. Helping my brothers and sisters from various parts of Africa to integrate and to be self reliant here in South Africa is a fulfillment of true love of Christ Jesus.

My hobbies are: playing Scrabble (a Scrabble dictionary a must), watching soccer and documentaries (only) and reading. I don’t like littering (particularly in public places, throwing refuse through a train, car or taxi window) and soap operas.  My favourite mammal – the blue whales. Favourite programmes ever – Animal Autopsy (Nat. Geo) and Shoreline (SABC). Favourite club – Inter Milan (SerieA). Favourite national team – Ghana. Favourite soccer manager – Fabio Capello. Favourite soccer player – Lionel Messi. Greatest fear – fear of flight (height). My wish is a conflict free United States of Africa.


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