Greetings! My name is Lindsay, and until very recently, I was practicing law in a corporate law firm in the U.S.  I left my law firm in hopes of finding work that was more fulfilling, and in the process landed here at Scalabrini. I work at the Employment Help Desk and help our clients in their job search by assisting them in creating CVs and cover letters.  Most of our clients have left their homes and families in search of work and more stability. Unfortunately,  South Africa’s high  unemployment rate, coupled with certain xenophobic attitudes, has made it difficult for many to fully integrate and find the stability they are seeking.  Our clients are very qualified people who sometimes find their inability to find employment quickly frustrating. However, through their frustration they continue to smile, laugh and see the beauty that life has to offer.  I came here to help Scalabrini’s clients find jobs, but had no idea how much I would be helped in the process. Each day our clients teach me new lessons in hope, resilience and determination.  Scalabrini is a very special place, with very special people, and has enriched my life in ways that I could not have imagined.

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