Mural Painting and Sign Writing Programme

The theme of the Mural Painting and Sign Writing Training Programme is “Touch your dream beyond 2010”.

The project started on 10 January 2010 with a group of fifteen trainees from Elsies River, Delft and Khayelitsha. The workshops are being held at Scalabrini Centre every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon until end of March 2010. We are planning to paint three murals. The final one will be near Cape Town station.

The Animal Anti Cruelty League ( Epping) mural is the first exciting opportunity to practice after the color combination, composition and lettering workshop we had. We offered to paint free of charge, to make that wall beautiful and friendly. The manager, Rene, and all the staff members were very helpful. The 8 youths, with our 2 visiting volunteers, Brett and Jennifer, and Sophie also assisting, managed to complete the mural in 2 days. This was very exciting teamwork and everybody felt like they were already taking part in the 2010 event fever.

Our next mural will be at the children’s home, Lawrence House, in Woodstock.

We have completed two chapters of the training program so far: the first where the students learn how to dream, to turn their dreams into goals and realize them; and the second where students are shown how to organize their lives around their strengths. We’re looking forward to the students’ continued growth over the next few weeks.

-Derix Raphael Ndongo, Artist Painter Designer


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