Hi, my name is Bianca. I’m 30 years old and from Germany. I arrived in South Africa in November 2009 and started travelling and exploring this beautiful country and other southern African countries like Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe… As it is the first time I’m in Africa, many things are new and exciting. I’ve been travelling around the world a lot, but still, Africa is a totally new and amazing experience for me.

I will stay in Cape Town until April 2010 and will be volunteering at the Scalabrini Centre during this time. As the All-Rounder, my work will vary from different administrative office tasks and teaching English classes to helping out in the Beading Project for HIV positive women, and much more! I am really looking forward to spending time here at the Scalabrini Centre and doing useful work, so at the end of the day you really know what the time was for.

In Germany I work for a big car company, but at the moment I’m having a sabbatical and will only return to my work in April 2011. That gives me time to travel and explore more of the world. After my time here in South Africa, I’m going to New Zealand and South America.

I like horse riding, reading, hiking, being outside in nature, mixing cocktails, and watching DVDs.  I also like beaches, Christmas markets and, of course, I do like travelling.

There are not many things I don’t like… oh, yes, I’ve got one: I don’t like cooking! I definitely do like eating though… 🙂


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