Although I am a South African citizen, I was born in Mozambique. It was 1974 and the “revolution” had just begun. My entire family, fearing for their safety, had to pack whatever they could fit into their car and head for South Africa. They, effectively, became refugees here. I don’t remember any of this as I was only six months old but I have heard all the stories from my family about all the hardships they had to endure. It is for this reason that I’m sympathetic and sensitive to the plight of refugees in general. In my school years, growing up in Phalaborwa, I was involved in assisting with refugee programmes set up by local organisations to assist the Mozambique refugees escaping the civil war. Throughout my working career I have been interested and involved in teaching in one form or another and when I found out about Scalabrini and the great work they do, I felt that it was a great opportunity to be involved in helping in my own little way. I have been teaching English there for about six months and have had a great time. The spirit and enthusiasm of all the students is inspiring and infectious and I hope to be back next year to continue working with such a great bunch of people.


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